Lia C Bozarth

2nd Year PhD student at University of Michigan, School of Information (UMSI)

Social Movement Organizations in Online Movements

We build nested supervised learning models and identify more than 50 thousand social movement organizations (SMO) participating in 2 distinct movements on Twitter. We analyze SMOs' role from five different perspectives: commitment, knowledge sharing, community-building, network structural significance, and recruitment. This project is currently under review. Download

Collaborators: Ceren Budak

Slacktivist Contribution to Social Media Activism

We measure the value of slacktivists involved in more than 80 protest movement hashtags on Twitter, focusing on their value for content generation, communication, encouragement, and content diversity. Further, we move beyond the existing literature which primarily focuses on direct content contributions by investigating whether slacktivists induce further contributions from other activists by providing them simple cues of encouragement that enhance non-slacktivists' commitment to a movement. This project was published in ICWSM2017. Download

Collaborators: Ceren Budak