Lia C Bozarth

3rd Year PhD student at University of Michigan, School of Information (UMSI)

Political Activist

-- As a high school student, I phonebanked and canvassed for Hillary Clinton in 2008. I was also a phone operator at DNC’s Nevada headquarter during the same year. As an undergrad, I canvassed for Washington State marriage equality in 2012 (Washington Referendum 74) and also participated in and advocated for Occupy Seattle. In 2016, I was a recurrent donor to Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign. After his defeat, I supported Hillary Clinton in the general election.


-- I'm a dog-walker at the Humane Society.


-- I solo traveled around the world for half a year: hitchhiked in Japan because transportation cost was outrageous; took a 2-week Thai Massage course in Chiang Mai; biked 1000+ km around the entire island of Taiwan; stayed with a family of native Mongolians, painted goats and rode horses with them; took a 7 day Trans-Siberian train from Ulan-Ude to Moscow; solo hiked alongside Loch Ness (the Great Glen Way) for over a week in Scotland.

Other Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy basketball, rock climbing, and long distance biking. I'm also a Dungeons and Dragons fan.